Kanye West to perform Sunday Service at Pigeon Forge

Kanye West to perform Sunday Service at Pigeon forge


Kanye West is bringing his Sunday Service to Pigeon Forge! This year, West started his “Sunday Service” concerts where he performs, often standing in front of a keyboard, as the guest vocalists provide backup in gospel rearrangements of his songs. He also released a gospel-inspired album “Jesus is King,” his ninth in a row to open at the top of the Billboard 200. “Jesus Is King” features West rapping about God and his newfound faith.

The artist is coming to Pigeon Forge’s Strength to Stand Youth Conference from Jan. 18 to 20 at the LeConte Center. At RTMC we are really excited about it, so if you’re one of this event’s attendants just show your ticket at the cashier en get $2.00 OFF your first ride. Music and Coasters, Pigeon Forge has it all!

Show your ticket at RTMC and get $2.00 OFF your first ride!